Commercial Litigation Attorney

Our Firm represents clients in complex commercial litigation, bankruptcy proceedings, business disputes, civil and criminal litigation.  We have a strong record of successfully defending our clients and prosecuting cases for recovery on our client’s behalf.  Our clients rely on our experienced attorneys that have in-depth knowledge of court procedures and the litigation process.  We work directly with our clients to understand their issues, industry, business goals, and objectives.  Once we have a solid strategy in place that will achieve our client’s goals, our Firm executes that strategy.

Our talented team of litigators has experience trying cases in Federal & Bankruptcy Courts, State Courts, and Appellate Courts. We understand that clients can be faced with untenable circumstances, and look to our firm to provide the best results, while staying in their budget. We do so by employing cost-effective litigation approaches to keep costs to our client low.

With our unique expertise in Bankruptcy law, our Firm is uniquely qualified to handle complex disputes and trials in Bankruptcy Court.  Our top-notch attorneys handle trials in the Bankruptcy Court as well as Appeals to the First Circuit Court of Appeals.  We routinely practice in federal bankruptcy, district and appellate courts with a strong track record of success for our clients.