Bankruptcy Solution in Massachusetts

Financial matters can get complicated rather easily, and often that leads many people and businesses to look for a Boston Bankruptcy Attorney. While some cases are fairly straightforward, some do not necessarily go as smoothly, and those involved in these types of Massachusetts cases often look to work with a firm where the lawyers possess the utmost expertise in financial matters from all points of view. In Boston, this firm is the Law Offices of Richard N. Gottlieb.

More than a Boston Bankruptcy Attorney

The Law Offices of Richard N. Gottlieb was formed back in 1996 by Richard N. Gottlieb,  with expertise in various financial matters in both personal and corporate matters. The firm also works in additional areas of finance-related legal matters, such as secured transactions and escrow services.

Mr. Gottlieb is well versed in all aspects of the bankruptcy code and focuses largely on representing both debtors and creditors in Chapters 7, 11, and 13 proceedings. In addition to bankruptcy knowledge, he is also skilled in mortgage regulations and banking matters. Fox six years he served as a senior attorney for the FDIC. He is often called upon by district, probate and family court judges in Massachusetts to conduct bankruptcy seminars in order to encourage further knowledge on current practices and procedures.

The Right Bankruptcy Solution in Massachusetts

Bankruptcy can mean a lot of different things depending on who is asking. Some simply want to eliminate or reorganize their debt. Others are at risk of losing their home. Many have concerns on how bankruptcy proceedings will effect their credit. Some clients are creditors that suspect filers of hiding income or assets in order to reduce their responsibilities. At the Law Offices of Richard N. Gottlieb, our attorneys possess the expertise in all angles of bankruptcy proceedings, whether you are the one filing or are in some other role.Since we’ve worked cases from all sides, we can counsel you on what to expect and help you take the action you need in order to achieve your best solution.

Many people and business representatives walk into our offices with mixed feelings about filing a bankruptcy petition, having bought in to the concept that filing bankruptcy is a kind of failure worthy of some kind of condemnation. At the Law Offices of Richard N. Gottlieb, we’ve adopted a different attitude. Our slogan, “No man is beyond redemption,” is one we truly take to heart, because bankruptcy is a form of financial redemption. Our creative solutions often leave clients in better shape than they expected. No matter what side of a bankruptcy issue you’re on, chances are our offices are the key to finding the Boston Bankruptcy Attorney you need.