Financial and Escrow Services

As a result of his LL.M. in Banking Law Studies at Boston University and his years of experience as a Senior Attorney with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation winding up the affairs of failed financial institutions, Mr. Gottlieb has a good deal of experience in complicated financial matters. As a result, among the services provided by the Firm are those relating to the negotiation and preparation of specialized Financial Documents used in Structured Financial Vehicles, including Stand-By Letters of Credit  (SBLC’s) and contracts relating to the “monetization” of SBLC’s. Given that these type of transactions can oft-times be complex and involve in-depth review of the identities of the entities providing these instruments, having competent counsel to review the “bona fides” of these transactions becomes especially important. The reason is that, many times, the “monetizer”, the client and the SBLC provider may be situated in possibly different and distant locales. The Firm has acted as an escrow agent and paymaster in these types of transactions to assure the proper and expeditious working of these kinds of financial transactions.